FAQ departing from Australia

With Air France you can benefit from great fares and numerous choices of connections from 8 Australian cities to Paris and more than 80 destinations in Europe. Air France does not operate directly to Australia and cooperates with multiple partner airlines from all Australian major cities to Asian gateways, where you connect to an Air France operated flight onto the worldwide Air France KLM network, via Paris Charles de Gaulle.
Can I manage my flight online?
Yes, most of our tickets are changeable online via “My Booking”.Should you have any difficulties, please contact our Sales and Service team at 1300 390 190

Can I cancel my flight online?
To cancel your flight, please call our Sales and Service team at 1300 390 190.

How can I modify my name on the ticket?
Any changes made to the name are restricted. If you see any mistake with your name, please call our Sales and Service team at 1300 390 190 as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that tickets are non-transferable.

Can I check in online for my flight out of Australia?
Online check in is usually not available departing Australia. However, some partner airlines may allow you to check-in online on their flight only. Therefore we recommend you to visit your operating airline on our partner airline website.
In case you are unable to check-in online, that is not a problem, you will be able to do your check-in at the airport on the day of departure. Check-in opens 4 hours before departure and closes 1h30 before departure. Please make your way to your operating carrier check-in counter.

Does Air France warn me in case of delay or changes on my flight?
Air France or our partner airlines will contact you in case of any changes, delay or cancellation.

Please make sure to provide correct email and phone number and to update your details in your booking. 

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Can I reserve my seats online?
Yes seats can be pre-booked online up to 30 hours prior departure. Please go on “My Bookings” To reserve your seats. A fee for advance seat selection may be charged. Please note that some partner airlines may restrict access to their seat map.

Can I order a special meal (kid, kosher, halal, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.)? Yes you should be able via “My Bookings” Up to 24 hours prior to departure. Should you encounter any issues booking your meal, please call our booking center: 1300 390 190.Please note that if you are travelling via a partner airline for any part of your trip, you will need to contact the operating airline directly to order your meal.
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Do I earn miles flying out of Australia?
Yes, Flying Blue members flying on *SkyTeam marketed flights (Air China, Garuda, Korean Air, etc), will accumulate miles.
*SkyTeam marketed flights: flight can be operated by a non-SkyTeam member but flight has been sold under an Air France, KLM or SkyTeam flight number.

If you are a member of another alliance, you can accumulate miles on your flight operated by members of this alliance by registering your frequent flyer in your booking.
*NEW*: Starting 9 December 2019 members of Flying Blue, the loyalty programme used by the airlines of the Air France-KLM Group, can earn miles and XP (Experience Points on flights marketed as Qantas (QF) and operated by Qantas. Click here to find out more.

Can I redeem my miles flying out of Australia?
Yes, we have many Flying Blue partners flying from Australia that allow redemption.

Skyteam partners: China Airlines, China Eastern, Delta, Garuda, Vietnam Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Korean Airlines,
Non Skyteam partners : Air Calin, Air Mauritius, Japan Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Qantas.
*NEW*: Starting 9 December 2019 Flying Blue members can spend Miles on flights marketed as Qantas (QF) and operated by Qantas. Use your Miles to book a getaway on Qantas. The number of Miles you need depends on where and when you fly. Click here for more details or to book now, go to the online booking tool.
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What lounge will I be able to access when travelling in Business Class?
Travelling in Business Class you will have access to the operating carrier lounge. Please note that the operating carrier may use another airline lounge.

Can I access the SkyTeam lounge in Sydney?
All international First and Business Class passengers traveling on or connecting to/from a same-day international flight operated by a SkyTeam member airline have access to our exclusive lounge facilities. 

SkyTeam Elite Plus members, regardless of their travel class, are allowed access to a SkyTeam lounge at a particular airport if traveling on or connecting to/from a same-day international flight operated by a SkyTeam member airline.
In addition, SkyTeam Elite Plus members are allowed to invite a guest, who is also traveling on a flight operated by a SkyTeam member airline, to join them in the lounge. The guest does not necessarily need to travel on the same flight as the SkyTeam Elite Plus member.

• Access to a lounge must be within a 24-hour window before the scheduled departure time of the flight at the airport in question

• Lounge access will be provided only at your departure airport and not on arrival, unless you are connecting to a domestic flight or other qualifying international flight
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How much hand baggage allowance am I entitled to?

  •  Economy on all flights : 12kg*
  •  Premium Economy :
  •  Medium-haul flights : 12 kg*

   Long-haul flights : 18 kg*
  •  Business and La Premiere : 18 kg*

*Our partner airline may be more restrictive, please check with our partner, because the more restrictive allowance will apply. To check the baggage allowance of our partner, please check on their website.

To be accepted in the cabin, your hand baggage must not exceed the following dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm / 21 x 13 x 9 in (including pockets, wheels and handles).

In addition to your hand baggage, you may also transport 1 accessory. This includes your choice of one of the following:

• Handbag
• Notebook computer
• Camera, etc.

The total combined weight of your hand baggage and accessory must not exceed 12 kg / 26 lb or 18 kg / 39 lb*, depending on your travel cabin.

How much checked baggage allowance am I entitled to?

The weight will depend on the cabin you are travelling in.

  • Economy : 1 x 23kg
  • Premium Economy : 2 x 23 kg
  • Business : 2 x 32 kg
  • La Premiere : 3 x32 kg

If you do a stopover, your baggage allowance may change, please contact our Sales and Service team at 1300 390 190

Checked baggage items must not exceed 158 cm / 62 in (height + length + width) each. If the sum of the 3 dimensions of your item exceeds 300cm, please call our Sales and Service team at 1300 390 190.

Please note that any piece of baggage cannot exceed 32kg. If your baggage weight more than 32kg, it will have to be transported as cargo.
Can I purchase online an additional baggage allowance on departure from Australia?
On departure from Australia, an additional baggage allowance cannot be purchased online, as your first flight will be operated by another airline. Therefore, our partner airline excess baggage policy will apply In order to obtain the cost, please contact the airline operating your first flight. The first airline will be able to check your baggage to your final destination. However, if you are having a stopover and travelling with extra weight, you will have to pay extra baggage/extra weight fee for all your flights according to each carrier’s policy. For your inbound flight the same rule of the first carrier baggage allowance will apply. To know the cost of extra baggage allowance on Air France KLM, please contact our Sales and Service team at 1300 390 190.

The partner airline has a different allowance, which allowance will apply to me? 
 Air France KLM baggage allowance displaying on your ticket will apply even if the first operating carrier has a more generous allowance.
If the partner airline loses my baggage, who do I contact? 
The last operating carrier is responsible for the tracking of your delayed or lost baggage. Therefore upon arrival to Australia, please contact the last operating airline.
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I am travelling with a sport equipment, do I need to pre-book?
Some sports equipment may require prior approval from our customer service department. You must submit your request at least 48 hours before your flight’s departure. Read more about the rules with regards to special baggage items. You may also call our Sales and Service team at 1300 390 190, at least 48 hours prior departure to arrange transportation of your item.

Different rules may apply on flights provided by our partner airlines. To obtain the cost of carrying your equipment from Australia please check with your first operating carrier.
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Can I travel with my animal from/to Australia?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide animal transportation out of Australia
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Does Air France provide any services for passengers with disabilities?
Please note that in Australia, your first flight will be operated by another airline. In such cases, the operating carrier's rules will apply. Kindly contact the first operating carrier to request for assistance. The rules of the operating carrier may be different, and in some cases, more restrictive than Air France's rules. Therefore, Air France may not be able to confirm the requested assistance.

Can my child be unaccompanied?

Unfortunately we do not provide this service departing from/to Australia
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Air France makes every effort to answer your questions and accommodate your requests. Don't hesitate to consult our FAQs or to contact our sales departments.
Who can I contact Air France during closing time of the Australian line?
For after-hours emergency, please call +33 892 70 26 54 (international rates apply). Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 6.30am to 10.00pm (local Paris time).

Our social media teams are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may want to ask through Twitter (https://twitter.com/airfrance) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/airfrance). Please send us your personal information (booking reference, Flying Blue number) by private message only.

Are you offering service in English around the world?
Yes Air France provides service in English for its customer worldwide.

I have a voucher (EMD) how can I use my voucher?
If you have a voucher, please call our Sales and Service team at 1300 390 190 our agent will be pleased to assist you.

I have purchased a ticket and will not be able to take one of my flights; will my booking still be valid?
As per IATA (International Air Transport Association) rules, all tickets must be used in sequential order. Therefore if you are unable to take your flight, please call our Sales and Service team at 1300 390 190.
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