Best Price Guaranteed

You found a cheaper Air France ticket on another Internet site?
Take advantage of the Best Price Guaranteed.
Air France will give you a voucher for the difference in price between the 2 tickets, plus a AUD 100 bonus if, after buying a plane ticket on, you find one that is:
cheaper on another Internet site,
within 24 hours of your booking on,
for an identical flight, itinerary and booking class.

Please note: the voucher for the "price difference"  and the AUD 100 bonus are to be used on a subsequent trip.

Best Price Guaranteed Claim

Remember to send your voucher request within 24 hours from the time you bought your ticket on
To request an application of the Best Price Guaranteed, please complete the Best Price Guaranteed claim form.
Please note: Air France reserves the right to refuse any request that is incomplete or containing information that cannot be verified.
To request your credit:

- Send an email to including information below.

- The email title must include Best Price Guarantee.

- To verify and confirm your claim,  please include a copy screen of the lowest final fare met on the other website. The copy must show clearly the flights, days of travel, booking classes and final fare including all taxes such as ticketing fees. The email size must be under 4MB.

- Please copy paste the list below and include this mandatory information in the email.

1. Your details :
Last Name*:
First Name*:
Country of residence*:
Phone number*:
Flying Blue number (if you are member):

2. Your Air France booking :
Booking Code or ticket(s) number(s)*:
Final fare of the ticket(s):

3. Final Fare found in other site:
Internet 's site name *:
URL adress*:
Final fare *:

* Mandatory information
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