Book your Award tickets easily

Do you want to take advantage of your Blue Credits? Simply book tickets called "Award tickets."


Book your ticket directly from the home page of our website
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Enter your BlueBiz number in your personal information section.

Please note: Insurance is not available for Award tickets.
Please check the box "I do not want to take out insurance" to continue booking.
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At the payment stage, select payment by Blue Credits or choose another payment method.

Please note: If you need more time, select the Time to Think option and purchase the service with your Blue Credits.
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Would you like to enjoy a gourmet experience during your flight?

On long-haul flights in the Premium Economy and Economy cabins, you have the choice between the free traditional meal served daily and a selection of 4 meals from the “A la Carte” menu. Spoil yourself with your Blue Credits!
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Travel with more legroom, be among the first passengers to exit the aircraft, enjoy the quiet of a smaller cabin or have the guarantee of traveling with a single neighbor, and more!

Choose the seat that suits you and pay with your Blue Credits! En savoir plus sur les Options siège
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Traveling with baggage that exceeds the weight or dimensions permitted by your ticket? Would you like to carry additional baggage?

It is now possible to purchase these options online with your Blue Credits
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