Mama Ashanti, the taste of Ghana

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Mama Ashanti, the taste of Ghana

To spice up your trip, taste the fiery dishes of Ghanaian cuisine!

Encouraged by the success of his first restaurant in Uganda, Kwame Nana Boateng, a Ghanaian who spent 20 years in London, decided to try his luck with the gourmets of Nairobi. A bet he won hands down! With peppers and chillies of all kinds, traditional West African cuisine cultivates the art of tasty and fiery combinations. Mama Ashanti will make your taste buds dance to honour traditional Ghanaian cuisine: egusi (African pistachios), goat soup, plantains… every dish has its own character. To taste them all, take a seat in the spacious garden under the pergola or a parasol with the rhythm of a soundtrack meticulously chosen from the major movements of African music playing in the background. You will be impressed by the endearing simplicity of this place where ties to West Africans are kept alive. Kenyans come to this popular meeting spot for the love of Ghanaian cuisine that Kwame often prepares himself.

Mama Ashanti
Muthangari Gardens Road

+254 736 222 324 

Menu: around 2,000 KES